The Community Garden needs your help!

From time to time, we have working parties to tidy up the Community Garden at Boundary Way. This group is usually made up of allotment plot holders, but we would love to broaden our band of volunteers  to include the local community. If you are interested in giving a little time please contact Howard Berry through the Contact page. Please note: the dates of this year’s Working Parties can be found on the Events page.

We are sure you will enjoy getting your hands dirty, being part of a creative project in beautiful surroundings. To give you a better idea of what we need to do, please take a look at the plan of the Community Garden and the related pictures below.

Boundary Way Community Garden

Plan of Community Garden

1. Polytunnel

Originally we developed the polytunnel as a community food growing project linking with the three other community gardens in Wolverhampton. We now use it as an exhibition, meeting, workshop and growing space. It was refurbished in 2013 and during the summer of 2018 was refurbished once again by the plot holders. See the photos of the refurbishments below.

Boundary Way Polytunnel

During the 2013 refurbishment

The Polytunnel

The Polytunnel

2. Orchard

In the past this area has been the domain of Mr Badger and Mr Mole. There is a constant need to deal with the mole hills and make sure that the badgers do not disturb the newly refurbished bee hives. Last year there were lots of apples which went to waste, but this year they have been put to better use, which is lovely to see.

Boundary Way Orchard

Orchard in Spring

3. Bird Hide

This has been so successful as a hide, that it had become difficult to find! The brambles and nettles have been recently cut back and it is now looking much smarter. Local birdwatchers regularly visit to record the birdlife on site.

Boundary Way Bird HIde

The Bird Hide

4. Story Telling Area

This pleasant, quiet area needs some regular attention to stop the encroachment of invading willow, nettles and comfrey.

Boundary Way Story Telling

Evening sunlight in the story circle

5. The Pond

The pond is an area that we have had a bit of trouble with in the past, but thanks to the dedication of the plot holders it is well on the way to recovery and this year was home to many tadpoles and even a few newts.

The pond area has been redone by the plotholders

The pond area has been redone by the plotholders

6. Hedgerow and Track

Unfortunately, some of this lovely little track can be spoilt by phantom rubbish dumpers. There are currently spring flowers; celandine, stitch wort and daffodils along the track edges.

7. The Sensory Garden

The bare garden originally needed replanting to bring it back to its original condition, however has taken on a more overgrown state in the past few years. In 2020, a group of regular volunteers started working to bring the Sensory Garden back to its former glory and we extend our thanks to them for their hard work.

Boundary Way Sensory Garden

Sensory Garden on completion in 2008



8. The Woodland Walk

The woodland walk can be a delightful secret little path enjoyed by children and adults. Brambles like to send out their thorny arms to trip and scratch, so clearing those is the priority in this area. Recently a beautiful willow arch has been added to the entrance-way and the path is clearer than ever.

Boundary Way Woodland Walk

Woodland Walk

Nature Exploration with the next generation

Volunteers’ Week

The first week in June is Volunteers’ Week and we’d love for you to come and join us to bring some much needed TLC to Boundary Way Community Garden. Find out more about Volunteers’ Week at www.volunteersweek.org

Boundary Way Volunteers

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