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Researching & Engaging With Nature With Maria Billington

Researching the natural heritage of Boundary Way, and using the research to engage the local community with nature is a huge part of what we do here at Boundary Way. To to help us with our research, and to discover the uses of the different plants found on the site, we have enlisted the help of local herbalist, Maria Billington. So far,

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A Day of Land Art, Nature Exploration & Good Food

On the 17th of June we were joined by Land Artists Richard Shilling and Julia Brooklyn (both from landartforkids) for an exciting day of outdoor nature art. Today we thought we would share with you everything we got up to and tell you how you can get involved. The day started with a brilliant ‘Hapa Zome‘ activity led by herbalist

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Arts and Nature Open Day

On the 15th July 2017 we held an Arts and Nature Open Day here in our wonderful Community Garden. We had an afternoon full of fun art and nature activities that were suitable for all ages, alongside refreshments, including pancakes made by Cecile Loubaud. The whole day was a huge success and we’d like to thank everyone who came along.

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