Sue Chand

Sue Chand

Natural dyes by Sue Chand

Sue Chand uses traditional/historic methods of making to develop works of natural fibres and paper. She embraces cloth as a custodian of stories, personal stories of life-changing events and how fragile yet resilient we are. Sue is interested in contrasting textures and the structure of cloth; how fragile it can appear but with strength that allows it to last a lifetime. She has developed the use of her own twisted paper yarn and woven fabrics alongside other processes and materials and this is all woven with stories. Sue is particularly interested in exploring self-determination and both the strength and frailty of memory in her work.

“The project at Boundary Way has been inspiring and a pleasure to be involved in. I have a plot myself on another site and it brings me solace in a very rushed world. Meeting and working together as a group of artists has been beneficial, not just in skill sharing but in encouraging me to try new media and how they might be used in my own practice”

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