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February 2021

There has been a high demand for allotment places over the past few months. Boundary Way is fully occupied and we have waiting list. If you would like to put your name down for a half plot*, please email your request to .

Making the best use of a plot requires a regular commitment in time and energy, it helps a great deal if you live close to the site in south west Wolverhampton. If you would like to visit us at Boundary Way, Sunday morning between 10.30  and 12.00 is a good time as the gates are open for the trading hut. please email for an appointment. You will find our address on our How to Get Here page.

Available Plot Sizes

There are two main plot sizes:

  • A full plot, approximately. 30yds (27.4m) by 8yds (7.3m)
  • A half plot is approx. 15yds (13.7m) by 8yds (7.3m)

There are also a small number of raised beds, which are intended for those of reduced mobility- and in high demand.

*Please note: Due to the high demand, we are only renting half plots to new tenants.


The current costs of a year’s rental are as follows:

  • FULL PLOT- £35.00
  • HALF PLOT- £25.00
  • RAISED BED- £15.00


Other Allotment Sites in Wolverhampton

There are 1,100 plots for rent on 31 sites located around Wolverhampton.

For more information, contact City of Wolverhampton Council:

Parks Development & Engagement Officer

Voicemail:  01902 551 145



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