Hannah Boyd

Hannah Boyd Boundary Way

Hannah Boyd at Boundary Way

Hannah Boyd works in a variety of media, from drawing materials, such as charcoal and sanguine to painting in acrylics and watercolours, she also works in clay and explores natural materials in public space. Hannah’s work often deals with social commentary through photography, digital art and community engagement. She draws on the knowledge she has accumulated from her BA in Ceramics, Master’s Degree in Fine Art and over a decade of teaching Ceramics and Art. Collaboratively she works with a variety of visual artists, poets and dancers and last year created an art piece called Ghost Dinner Party, in which she invited female artists to write their dream art project on a pure white dinner plate. Hannah uses art to draw people’s attention to the environment around them, including disused areas highlighting their overlooked potential by inserting temporary Art in or around the vicinity. At Newhampton Arts Centre Hannah shares ‘The Art Room’ with three other Artists and she uses this space to develop her own artistic practice and deliver workshops in painting, drawing and other skills.

“Boundary Way is my happy place and it has given me much joy painting and drawing what I see around me. The workshops led by other members of the team have inspired me and helped me look at the natural environment in a much richer way. I have also delivered drawing workshops at Boundary Way and have found you can connect to people in a different way to the in the traditional classroom environment. It had been a fantastic project and I feel like this is just the beginning”

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Website (Blog): www.hannahboydart.blogspot.co.uk

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