Boundary Way Project

Boundary Way Project Team and Artist Workshop

About the Boundary Way Project

The Boundary Way Project has been developed by a team of artists and plotholders working on site since 2015. Plotholder Howard Berry has facilitated creative activities on site, including installing a shed Camera Obscura created by artist Ann Walker in 2016. From 2016-2018 the project received funding from the Heritage Lottery Fund to research the natural heritage and social history of the site. This has led to research into native plants, the origins of the sites development and the gathering of personal stories about the place in audio and film interviews with site users past and present.

In 2017 a was received from Arts Council England  that made it possible for a group of artists to take inspiration from the site to create new work and put together an on-site exhibition entitled, ‘A Sense of Place’ in October 2017; an exhibition that was repeated in 2018. A programme of activities has been developed that have explored the qualities of the natural environment and ways of using materials found in site, this has included creating natural dyes from plants, cameraless photography, drawing from nature and land art. 

The 2016-18 Heritage Lottery funding also made it possible to create resources to provide information about the site and support educational visits. The resources include a film, site map, website, online education pack and brochure. You can view our site map here and find the brochure, film and education worksheets in Resource Hub. The Boundary Way Project is continuing to develop arts and heritage activities that sustain and support the site and its users. 

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