An introduction to the Wu Qin Xi “Five Animal” Health Qigong with Sue Guest

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An introduction to the Wu Qin Xi “Five Animal” Health Qigong with Sue Guest

May 22 @ 10:00 am - 12:00 pm


Join Qigong instructor Sue Guest to find out more about Health Qigong and the ‘5 animal exercises’ that link the tiger, deer, monkey and bird to physical and mental health. This is a relaxed session taking place via zoom suitable for adults and accompanied children, families welcome.

“Tiger! Deer! Bear! Monkey! Bird!”

OK, so not quite the Furious Five from “Kung Fu Panda” but come along and have a go at the traditional Chinese exercise of qigong, inspired by the characteristics of these five animals.

Qigong is an ancient Chinese meditative practice (similar to tai chi) which uses slow graceful movements to promote the smooth flow of “qi” throughout the body.

The system of the “Wu Qin Xi” Five Animal exercises was designed by a leading physician of the Eastern Han Dynasty whose inspiration came from the careful observation and study of the characteristic behaviour of animals.

So, are you ready to channel the courage and robustness of your inner Tiger, the serenity and poise of the Deer, the steadiness and solidity of the Bear, the nimbleness and dexterity of the Monkey and the swiftness and grace of the Bird?

The session costs £3 (per person or per household) and must be reserved in advance.

One of a series of online sessions to support wellbeing through creativity and nature connection. Made possible with funding from the Culture Recovery Fund for heritage. Part of Season for Change, a UK-wide cultural programme inspiring urgent and inclusive action on climate change.


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