Clare Wassermann


Clare Wassermann Boundary Way

Clare Wassermann with her exhibited art


Wolverhampton based, Clare Wassermann is an international painter and textile artist who draws on yoga, meditation and Eastern music to create layered and personal art works. By building her pieces up Clare weaves memories, experiences and recurring symbols into her work, as well as adding depth using fabric and stitching as alternative media. Her work is inspired by the power of nature and is richly coloured and intuitive depicting internal and external landscapes. Her work has also formed the illustrations for several children’s books and a variety of magazines, including “Juno” – an ecologically minded Parenting Magazine

“I have thoroughly enjoyed this project in so many ways over the past few months. It has been a great source of inspiration and collaboration, both with plot holders and other artists. It has also made me review my thinking on Sustainable Art and also art which does not last, alongside the idea of collaboration in making such work, forging links and communication between artists.”

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