Hannah is a participatory artist, educator and creative producer. She works with audiences to create socially engaged artwork, ranging from small-scale crafts to large-scale installations and events. She works with a wide range of materials and techniques. With a degree in ceramics, clay is her first love, with a focus on alternative outdoor firing processes.

Photography has always been a crucial part of her work, in order to capture her ephemeral art works and events. She has an interest in alternative, camera-free processes which harness the natural power of the sun to develop her images.

‘I was recently commissioned by Boundary Way to undertake a project which combines my passions for alternative photography and my allotment. I’ve really enjoyed sharing my techniques with the Boundary Way audience.’

Contact Hannah

Website: hannahayre.com

Instagram: hannah.ayre

Facebook: HannahAyreArtsEducation

Twitter: AyreHannah

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