A Celebration of Maria’s February Nature Challenge

Maria is our resident Herbalist at Boundary Way and for February 2021 she took a look at how the Boundary Way Project could get everyone feeling more connected with Nature during this difficult time. We were delighted that she decided to set one challenge per day, for the whole of February, with a linked alternative challenge for people unable to get out or are short on resources. Maria’s February Nature Challenge was born.  The idea behind these challenges was to get us outdoors and encourage us all to get more up close to the nature and environment around us and they were shared across the Boundary Way Project’s social media.

During these challenging times, we have been limited to where we can go to get a bit of outdoors time. We’ve all been feeling the pinch of these restrictions and the challenges were perfect for when we were feeling a little fed up of going on the same walks over and over again. Maria’s day-by-day challenges included a mix of science, nature, facts and creativity to offer us all the chance to see those walks with renewed interest, waking up our senses, firing our imaginations and connecting us deeper to the nature that we are a part of.

We’d like to extend a huge thank you to everyone who got involved with #mariasfebchallenge. We loved seeing your images and videos and hearing about your experiences throughout the month! We really hope that you had fun connecting with nature through the daily activities, we certainly did! Today we thought we’d share a few of your wonderful images from the month of outdoors fun and we hope you enjoy looking back over the month of challenges. Can you identify which image relates to which challenge?

If you missed out on some or all of the challenges you can find them across our social media and also on our weekly blog roundups below:

Week 1 | Week 2 | Week 3 | Week 4

With thanks for these images to some of our wonderful participants – Elena Cassidy Smith, Clare Wassermann, Moya Lloyd, Sally Deegan, Maria Billngton, Kerry Dawes and Holly Pleydell. This challenge was made possible through funding from the Cultural Recovery Fund for Heritage.


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