We took part in the 30 Days Wild challenge on Instagram, an initiative by The Wildlife Trust that is all about noticing and connecting with nature where you live and helping nature where you can. It was a fantastic daily photo challenge to help inspire people to get outdoors and with this being especially important right now for our wellbeing, we got straight onboard! Ranging from walking barefoot on the grass and appreciating the scent and texture of plants, to providing food for birds and discovering insects; there are so many ways to engage with the wild. We shared photos every day throughout June of the allotment, our activities and the surrounding landscape and in case you missed it on Instagram, we thought we’d share 30 images from our 30 Days Wild as a reminder of this great initiative. There are plenty more photographs on our Instagram (@boundarywayproject) too if you’d like to see more!



Day 30 – We  marked the final day of 30 days wild, organised by @thewildlifetrusts with these lovely sunset images by @hannah.boyd.art from July 2018 at Boundary Way.

Day 29 – Evening light at #boundaryway in Summer 2018.



Day 28 – Colour in nature. Red, yellow and orange on the plots.

Day 27 – Insects at Boundary Way for Insect Week! The allotment is a wildlife haven on the edge of the city.

Announcement Interlude – An announcement from the Boundary Way Project Team broke into our 30 Days Wild, with this beautiful picture of a butterfly resting. Find out more about our announcement here.



Day 26 – Reflecting on a wonderful day last June, exploring fungi and flowers in the landscape in this outdoor sketching workshop with @clare_wassermann_art.

Day 25 – A series of fungi watercolours inspired by species found in our woodland. This artowrk was created by @kanj_nicholas as part of our #magnifyingmushrooms project in 2019 supported by @growwilduk and @creativeblackcountry

Day 24 – Creating Sun Prints in May 2018, using found natural materials with artist @laurahickmanart.



Day 23 – Exploring the landscape in a Lino printmaking workshop with artist @linda_nevillprintmaker on this day in 2018.

Day 22 – Discovering newts with plot holder Michael Phillips and the children from Springdale Primary School back in June 2017.

Day 21 – Exploring the community garden in a plant workshop with @herbhealthmama and Springdale Primary School in June 2017. The sessions included mapping plants, making ‘seed bombs’ and tasting elderflower cordial.



Day 20 – Remembering this brilliant encaustic art workshop with @rebecca_green_creates in 2018. We created the artwork using found natural materials.

Day 19 – We love the beautiful layering and colour in these crayon rubbings and collages created by pupils from Penn Fields School.

Day 18 – Sensing nature throwback to  multi-sensory exploration with Penn Fields School. Collage and assemblage created by key stage 3 pupils in May 2018.



Day 17 – In Spring 2019 we hosted The Beyondness Of Bees – a stunning exhibition and workshop devised by artists @briscosusan and @elisestewart_art in partnership with Wildside Activity Centre. It featured beautiful drawings and embroidery created by participants in their microscopic drawing workshops.

Day 16 – Allotment inspired art from our 2018 Sense of Place Exhibition, which took place in the polytunnel in the Community Garden.

Day 15 – Celebrating the seasons – We’ve been working with artist and folklorist @annemarielagram over the past couple of years to explore seasonal traditions and folklore. Here she is on an unseasonably cold and snowy Spring day creating mementos to mark the seasons.



Day 14 – In May 2019, our exploration into the beauty and importance of fungi began with an introduction to the world of fungi and tour of our site with Rich Wright of @foreverfungi. This was the start of an ongoing creative exploration of fungi at the allotment.

Day 13 – Creating art with found natural materials is something we are passionate about at Boundary Way. Images from an artist residency with @richardshillingartist in October 2017 – here creating a #mandala with students from Penn Fields Special School 6th form.

Day 12 – Sharing some of the beautiful flowers and leaves in the greenhouses at @kewgardens which @kanj_nicholas and @artandhealth_ visited last year as part of our @growwilduk funded project.



Day 11 – Foxgloves on the plot after the rain, taken in June 2019.

Day 10 – Beautiful embroidery inspired by fungi and the wood wide web of connection underground. Work created by members of Wolverhampton’s Embroiderer’s Guild and other artists and members of the public taking part in workshops with @elisestewart_art. Part of our Magnifying Mushrooms project in 2019.

Day 9 – Fungi inspired creativity by children from West Park Primary School working with @jessi_illustrates, inspired by a fungi tour with @herbhealthmama around the site.



Day 8 – An inspirational fungi drawing session with @hannah.boyd.art last July.

Day 7 – Our Magnifying Mushrooms exhibition in the Polytunnel last September – an inspiring collection of fungi themed art created by artists and workshop participants.

Day 6 – Remembering the wondrous collection of fungi we discovered at Boundary Way last year as part of our Magnifying Mushrooms project (supported by @growwilduk & @creativeblackcountry )



Day 5 – Vibrant Summer colour on the plots today (June 2020)

Day 4 – Random Acts of Wilderness – A sense of wonder and awe in the beauty of nature can help to rebalance chemicals in the brain and improve mood.

Day 3 – Noticing colour, scent, texture and shapes in flowers makes us feel calm and boosts well being.



Day 2 – Remembering this wonderful relaxing day with @clare_wassermann_art in 2018. It was spent exploring and gathering in the landscape to create collages and drawings and the results were beautiful.

Day 1 – An introduction to 30 Days Wild with an image of vibrant land art created at a workshop in the orchard.

For more information and inspiring nature connection downloads for all ages, visit The Wildlife Trust’s website here.

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