Exciting Announcement for The Boundary Way Project


We’re back! After a short break the Boundary Way Project is back at the allotment and planning for the future with a bit of help from the National Lottery Heritage Fund.  

We are so excited to announce that we have received some emergency funding from the National Lottery Heritage Fund to help us keep moving forward over the next few months and make exciting plans for the future. The funding will allow us to consult with site users, long-time supporters and new audiences; which will form the basis of how we plan and develop activities to sustain the Boundary Way project and secure the right funding to support the activities that you want beyond Autumn 2020. 



Importantly, a big thank you to the #NationalLottery players for making this funding possible. The support from the National Lottery Heritage Fund is so important for natural heritage projects like ours, especially when nature connection is more important than ever for the challenged mental health of our community. We realise this is an immensely difficult time for everyone and want to use this funding to design an inclusive programme of work that will help connect the community, increase wellbeing and engage creatively with heritage.  

 On that note, we would love to know what you would like to see from Boundary Way in the future? We’d love to hear all of your ideas, you can email us at boundarywayproject@gmail.com or follow us on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter and send us a direct message there. 

Thanks again to the National Lottery Heritage Fund and watch this space for more updates and content over the coming months.  


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