We are so excited to be holding an exciting Fungi Open Day on 7th September 2019 in our Boundary Way Community Garden. There will be fun for all the family with the theme of an exploration of fungi and interrelationships in nature. The day will mark the culmination of our six month Magnifying Mushrooms project all about fungi supported by Grow Wild at Kew Gardens and National Lottery Community Fund and an Open Access Award from Creative Black Country.  And there will be creative activities, expert talks and the unveiling of new work by artists inspired by fungi. So, let’s chat through what’s going to be going on on the big day…


  • A multimedia exhibition featuring new, innovative work from local artists, alongside work from members of Wolverhampton Embroiderer’s Guild, workshop participants and work from a local school & nursery. The work on display will all be inspired by the magnificent world of fungi and its relationship with our environment, and will range from paintings and textile art to clay work and drawings. It is a really exciting opportunity to see all of the work from the last six months come together!


  • A Watercolour Painting Workshop with artist Kanj Nicholas. You may have seen Kanj’s wonderful mushroom artwork as part of our Let’s Talk About Fungi Campaign and now you have the opportunity to  join her to investigate the world of fungi through watercolours. Inspired by her recent research into fungi, Kanj will discuss her inspiration and methods in her work for the Magnifying Mushrooms project at Boundary Way. There will be a unique opportunity to see Kanj’s new body of work and to learn about and try her painting methods.  To book your place on this exciting workshop, click here.


  • A Fungi Discovery Tour with mycologist Rich Wright. You will be able to join fungi specialist Richard Wright for an informative interactive tour of Boundary Way Community Garden. This workshop will be suitable for adults and accompanied children  and during the session Richard share his knowledge on fungi and its interrelationships with plants and trees and the hidden world beneath our feet known as the Wood Wide Web. He will be explaining the importance of fungi to ecosystems and the future of the planet, so this is definitely a workshop you’re not going to want to miss!  To book your place on this fascinating workshop, click here.

We can’t wait to see you at our Open Day on 7th September from 11:00 until 16:00 at Boundary Way Allotment’s community garden. Alongside our wonderful workshops and exhibition, there will be plenty of opportunity for exploring and creativity for adults and children alike! For more information, and updates visit our Event Page or Facebook Event Page.

(Feature image: Artwork by Clare Wassermann)

This work has been supported by Grow Wild at Kew Gardens and National Lottery Community Fund And an Open Access Award from Creative Black Country.

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