Let’s Talk About Fungi | Tawny Funnel

Tawny Funnel fungi grow clustered in groups in the soil or on the woodland floor. Beginning their life with flat caps and an ochre colouring, as time passes these fungi gradually become more funnel shaped and take on a tawny-brown colour. Their changing colour and shape can make them difficult to identify and they are often mistaken for the Common Funnel.

Other names: Paralepista flacida,

Habitat: On woodland floors in the leaf litter and on soil.

Season:  Summer to Autumn

Fun Fact: Lepista (Paralepista flacida) means goblet in Latin, and so the mushroom’s name reflects its funnel shape.

This work has been made possible with funding from Grow Wild and The Big Lottery Fund at Kew Gardens.  The artwork was created by local artist Kanj Nicholas and photographs taken at Boundary Way by the Boundary Way Project Team.


NOTE: Many mushrooms & fungi are poisonous, please never forage or eat any mushroom unless an expert mycologist has confirmed your identification. The Boundary Way Project accepts no liability for injury or death caused by the foraging for and/or consumption of misidentified mushrooms & fungi.


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