Beyondness of Bees Exhibition & Workshop

We are so excited to be collaborating with the Beyondness of Bees team, artists Elise Stewart & Sue Brisco. They have been working over the past months to bring together the worlds of art and science, with a focus on the microscopic world of the bee. We will be hosting an enchanting exhibition displaying the wonderful artistic outcomes of their look into the world of bees, as well as a separate workshop to allow you to create your very own bee themed stitchwork, using microscopes, bee samples & drawing techniques.

Let’s start with the ‘Beyondness of Bees’ exhibition. The exhibition will take place in the polytunnel at Boundary Way from 11:00 – 15:00 on Saturday 27th April 2019. It will be bringing together drawing and textiles to convey powerful images of structure colour and form from the microscopic world of bees. To have art & science be brought together in such a wonderful, visual way is rare and this exhibition is definitely an opportunity that shouldn’t be missed. There will be work on display from the project’s previous workshops – including work from the Embroiderer’s Guild and the artists themselves. There will also be light ‘bee themed’ refreshments and we hope it will ‘bee’ a day for the whole family to enjoy in the sunshine.

Photo by Shelley Cooper

As for the workshop, if you like what you see in the exhibition then this is the perfect opportunity to create some ‘bee’ stitch work of your own. It will be an exciting and unique opportunity to look at the microscopic world of the bee and respond creatively through drawing and stitch. The workshop will be run by artists Sue Brisco and Elise Stewart and will give you the chance to use microscopes to observe and draw bee specimens, then stitch the fascinating abstract images that you discover. It is all about translating nature into art, reflecting what you see in the microscope in your work and requires no previous experience.

We can’t wait to see the exhibition come to life at the allotment and to discover the world of the bee in the exciting workshop that will allow the opportunity to create some magical artwork.

For more information about either the exhibition or the workshop, or to book your place on the workshop, visit our Events page or Facebook Events page. We can’t wait to see you there and ‘bee’ quick booking onto the workshop as there are only very limited spaces!


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