Winter Tales at Boundary Way

On 3rd November we are delighted to be hosting an evening of Winter themed ghostly storytelling with Regional Voice Theatre – Winter Tales. It is set to be an entertaining evening in the community garden. Lit by torchlight, this simply staged story-telling show will take you to the eerie world of spirits, ghosts and the uncanny through the power of your imagination. Today we are going to share with you some more information about the inspiration behind the event and the stories that will be told. We hope you will book to join us for an evening of thrills and chills for the whole family!

On the night three locally inspired stories will be performed; The Sentinel, The Willow Tree and The Turn of the Screw. We asked Glen Buglass, one of the writers & performers behind the three stories, to give us a sneak preview of what is to come in each story, and here’s what he shared…


“All three stories in our presentation are very different in tone and character, but it is their creepiness – their stillness – their appreciation of and anticipation of ……horror…..  that connects them. ‘The Sentinel’ is set in Sandwell Valley country park. I visited it one late autumn day and was impressed with its great size and scope and how it sits right beside the industrial towns of West Bromwich and Walsall. It must have always been countryside, right back to when people first came to settle this part of the midlands. I was very taken with the wildness of the woods and pools around there. It is an edge land, it must have always been liminal, even before the industrial revolution, and I could imagine glimpsing a figure, or the shadow of a figure running past me, not fully in sight, but there nevertheless, in those dense woods … and so the story began to take shape.


David Calcutt wrote ‘The Willow Tree’ and it is a different take on the genre to ‘The Sentinel’. In it, he weaves a tale of love and loss and finally it resolves into a kind of eerie redemption. The story is set in an unspecified wood in the midlands and uses the ‘otherness’ of a wood to great effect. David is a poet and in all his writing there are many levels to be discovered. There is real magic in this story and an understanding that are things around us that are more powerful and older than us. Kate Walton will tell this story and I will tell ‘The Sentinel’.



The Turn of the Screw’ is American author, Henry James’ gothic masterpiece. It is a deeply unnerving, unsettling story of a Governess who takes on the care and education of two young charges, Flora and Miles. It is set ‘in the country’ and we’ve decided to set it, in our minds, in one of the grand estates of the midlands such as Weston Park or Shugborough. 

There is a housekeeper, Mrs Grose but otherwise they are alone in the huge house set in acres of land. But they are not alone as two recently deceased people, Peter Quint and Miss Jessel, come as ghosts to haunt them.  The result is tragedy. Kate and I will tell this story together, me as the narrator and she as the governess.”


As you can read above, we are gearing up for a fantastic evening with the Regional Voice Theatre, who exist to bring excellent theatre and theatrical experiences to places that might not otherwise get it – such as Boundary Way. They are a group of locally based professional artists from Tamworth, Lichfield, Walsall and Wednesbury, and they the language of the midlands is pivotal in their performance. We can’t wait to welcome them to Boundary Way and we hope to see you there too! 

To book your tickets to Winter Tales at Boundary Way click here or visit our Facebook Events page for more details.

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Note: Regional Voice Theatre’s next presentation will be ‘The Darlaston Dog Fight’, a full length stage play set in Darlaston at the height of the industrial revolution. This has been premiered at Wolverhampton’s Arena Theatre and will be going on tour in 2019.

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