Sensing Nature Arts Award Day with Penn Fields School

Last Friday, the Community Garden played host to Penn Fields School Sixth Form student’s final showing for their Explore Arts Award. The polytunnel was filled with the student’s allotment artwork from a year of creating and photographs of the activities that they have taken part in. The Sixth Form students led a morning of activities for the infant classes from Penn Fields and KS4 led afternoon activities. It was a great day of discovery and celebration for Penn Fields school. Read on to hear more about we got up to…

The work displayed was mainly created in sessions with visiting local artists, who all taught the students different techniques as part of their Arts Awards. The work created in these workshops ranged from bright collage to allotment photography to paper lantern making, and the students learnt so much. As visitors arrived at our Sensing Nature day they were able to show off their work in all its glory and it was fitting that we were able to display the work at the allotment as Boundary Way was the place that the work was inspired by, and much of it was created here.

Sensing Nature Day

Sensing Nature Day display and leaf rubbing activity set up

The Penn Fields Sixth Formers have gained so much from their sessions at the allotment, not just artistically, and they even have their own school plot at Boundary Way now! Our Sensing Nature day was a chance for the students to share some of the activities that they had been working on with the infants of the school. It was great fun for teachers and students and veryone really enjoyed the activities, which included collage making, happa zome (plant bashing), leaf rubbing and planting a seed – amongst other things. The Sixth Form students did a wonderful job of showing the younger students what to do and gave them lots of words of encouragement.

In the afternoon it was the turn of KS4 to show their artwork, which included some amazing photography work from the allotment, to some of the younger students of the school and they also ran their activities really well, especially considering the rainy weather!

All in all, the Sensing Nature Day was a huge success thanks to the amazing teachers and pupils of Penn Fields School. It was lovely to have such a big number of visitors from the school at the allotment and we hope to be welcoming everyone back very soon! A particular well done to the Sixth Form and KS4 students for sharing their work and teaching the activities. Good job!

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