Associate Artists

Bex Green’s Encaustic Artwork on display at our Sense of Place Exhibition

Artists working at Boundary Way

A diverse range of artists have created work inspired by Boundary Way during the last few years. This has been possible due to support with grants from Creative Black Country, Heritage Lottery Fund and Arts Council England. 

This includes Ann Walker who installed a shed Camera Obscura on site in 2016, an ancient optical devise based on the principle of light entering a darkened room through a small hole that projects an image inside. The shed is painted bright blue and situated on the Boundary Way project plot at the top of the site, next to the community garden. Visitors can experience the view from inside during our special open days and events. 

Artist Laura Hickman teaches a sunprinting workshop

During October 2017 land artists Richard Shilling and Julia Brooklyn worked as artists in residence, discovering and creating with natural materials found in the landscape. Fine artist Hannah Boyd visits the setting regularly to capture nature in drawings through the Seasons, she also runs drawing workshops both on site and from her studio at Newhampton Arts Centre. Artist Clare Wassermann is another regular visitor who has created a series of paintings inspired by Allotments and the surrounding landscape, particularly views of the Wrekin in Shropshire. 

Art at Boundary Way is going from strength to strength and for further information about all of the artists we have been working with, you can take a look at our artist’s profiles section. 

Mick, a plotholder, taking part in artist, Hannah Boyd’s drawing workshop

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