Celebrating the Seasons with Anne Marie Lagram

Everything we do at Boundary Way is influenced by the environment around us and the seasons play a huge part in that. At Boundary Way we believe that our amazing seasons are something to be celebrated, with each one bringing the opportunity for new discoveries and fresh perspective. We have been working closely with artist & folklorist Anne Marie Lagram celebrate the seasons through workshops and activities, and today we are going to share exactly how we have been doing that as we move through Summer towards Autumn.



Anne Marie Lagram works in two areas of creative practise and both lead her to running incredible workshops and sharing her immense knowledge and skills. Her first area of work surrounds folklore and the countryside, and the second is her practise as an artist who creates paintings, prints and 3d responses to her environment in a non-representative way. The different sides of Anne Marie‘s working really compliment each other and so when coming to Boundary Way she uses all of her skills to help us to embrace the seasons as they greet us.


Anne Marie sharing Spring Stories

So far, Anne Marie has run two amazing seasonal celebrations – Spring and Summer. In each session she has shared stories about gardening and weather folklore and sayings and superstitions associated with the times of year, and the workshops have been incredibly popular. As well as sharing the ways of the seasons, participants have also had the opportunity to partake in some creative activities. In Spring everyone created amazing hanging masterpieces (see below) from natural materials and in Summer the group created a sun wheel, which has graced the storytelling area for the whole of the summer.

Clare Wassermann with her Springtime creation

Clare Wassermann with her Springtime creation


We hope to continue our work with Anne Marie into the remainder of the year, to celebrate Autumn and then Winter. It has been so rewarding to introduce people to a new way of appreciating the environment around them. Keep an eye on our Events Page and Facebook for more details of when the next celebration will happen, we can hardly wait!


  1. Sandra-Reply
    21st August 2018 at 9:33 pm

    I attended both spring and summer celebrations. They were great fun. Learnt losts of folk lore and enjoyed working in amazing company. Looking forward to autumn and winter.

    • BoundaryWay-Reply
      24th August 2018 at 10:07 am

      Thank you for coming Sandra, we are so glad that you enjoyed it!

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