New Camera Obscura Educational Resource

As well as working hard on our seasonal plant guides, we have also been working to create another very special resource all about our Shed Camera Obscura. The Camera Obscura was created by artist Ann Walker for Boundary Way, sits at the top of the allotment site and is hugely popular with all of our visitors. It is so exciting for us to be able to provide such a unique experience for our site users and we are always getting asked questions about the Camera Obscura, especially about how it works its magic! And so, in response to our visitors curiosity, we have created an illustrated resource that explains what the Camera Obscura is, how it works and a bit about its history.



To create the resource we have been working with local graphic designer Marie Sewell. As well as providing the beautiful layout, Marie has also illustrated the resource with a magnificent explanatory diagram, answering the popular question of ‘How does the Camera Obscura work?’. The simple nature of the diagram, which features our very own blue shed Camera Obscura, means that everyone can use this part of the resource to understand the basics of the science behind this wonderful photographic shed.



The rest of the resource contains a more in-depth look at what the Camera Obscura actually is, where the idea came from and its history, as well as some information about Camera Obscuras elsewhere in the country. We begin the story in Stone Age, passing through many centuries to reach the modern day Camera Obscura and Boundary Way.



We are so excited to be able share the launch of this resource with you. It is available, alongside our seasonal plant worksheets and brochure, on the Resource Hub to download and print out. A further leaflet explaining more about the artistic ideas behind the Camera Obscura will be available later this year.

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