Boundary Way Allotments & Community Garden

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Boundary Way Allotments and Community Garden is on the very edge of the Warstones estate in south-west Wolverhampton. The land climbs the side of Springhill and provides one of the best views across the rolling Staffordshire countryside and towards the hills of Shropshire.

The garden is a resource for the community managed by the allotment association. A sensory garden, orchard, woodland area and pond provide a haven for wildlife and the local community can enjoy and connect with nature at open days and events throughout the year.


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2 days ago
We discovered #KingAlfredsCakes in our woodland recently - under the guidance of Rich Wright #magnifyingmushrooms
BoundaryWay photo
Kew Gardens @kewgardens
Walking through the woods you might have spotted round black lumps on the trees. These are commonly known as King Alfred's cakes (Daldinia concentrica), they're an ancient firelighting fungus with a fascinating story to tell 👉
2 weeks ago
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3 weeks ago
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4 weeks ago
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